Ski, Freeski and Snowboard

Your riding – your style ! Right ? That`s the way we think ! You can choose from 6 brand new characters, don’t mind if you are a skier or snowboarder, each character can ride with one or two planks ! And even better, each of them have two unique tricks in their repertoire !

To make sure you are riding with the equipment that meets your taste, you can select your favorite pieces from a bunch of boards, skis, jackets, pants, gloves, goggles and headwear – endless possibilities!

Featuring incredible 52 levels with a ton of of kicker lines, boxes and rails… smooth & technical halfpipe riding… big air events… individual characters from head-to-toe… replay options and much more !

– freeskiing and snowboarding
– 52 levels
– 13 locations
– 6 individual male and female characters
– realistic grabs and tricks
– „real“ resorts
– events and sessions
– half pipes, kickers, rails and powder
– 16 boards and skis
– over 1000 trick variations
– „career” and „quick play” modes
– replay option
– help tutorial

Play Ski, Freeski and Snowboard right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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